How to Treat a Disabled Person

These days there are many countries that organize social programs to help those who are suffering from disability. These social programs help disabled persons eradicate poverty. But, that is not what a disabled person would love to receive for the rest of the life. They too just like all normal people prefer working and living a life of their own. Let us discuss some of the difficult issues faced by a disabled person.

1- Finding work – It becomes difficult for a disabled person to find a job that is perfect as per their qualification. Even if they match all the criteria of a company’s requirement, they might not get the position for the very fact that they are disabled. But we must remember that a disabled person will work more efficiently as compared to that of a normal person and moreover, they will ensure that they achieve and complete any given task much before the deadline.

2- Maintaining relationships – It becomes very difficult for a disabled employee to maintain a healthy relationship with their colleagues in their office. Most of the times we try to ignore a disabled employee. But remember, they too are normal human beings and they cannot be blamed for their disability. Therefore, as a responsible citizen of our country, we must learn to respect and treat our disabled colleague just the way we treat other colleagues. You can even take them to a club or a restaurant to have a cup of coffee which will make them proud to have a friend like you.

Remember, as mentioned earlier, a disabled person is already undergoing trauma all through their lives and hence, we as their colleagues must learn to understand their feelings and treat them just like any of our group members. This will at least help the disabled person forget their disability for a while and they will remember this courtesy extended to them for life.